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    Doren Berge | Down to Ground has managed projects for International consumer Brands, high traffic internet sites, regional businesses and non-profit organizations — conducting a range of design initiatives that include Visual Design, Brand Identity, User Experience Research, Marketing Communications, Information Design and Web Development. Prior to launching Down to Ground in the summer of 2003, Mr. Berge served as the Chief Director of Global Product Design, User Experience and Web Development for Terra Lycos Networks where he managed a team of 89 designers, researchers and web developers in 14 countries throughout the US, Spain and Latin America. While at Terra Lycos Doren was responsible for the integration of design standards, design processes and the development of a centralized global design organization.

    Prior to Terra Lycos, Mr. Berge served as Creative Director of Lycos Inc., where he was responsible for all on-line and off-line design management including web production, product design, corporate identity and visual communications. Early in his Lycos tenure, Mr. Berge conceived and implemented "Go Get It" as a trade marketing device and corporate dress element. This icon served as the cornerstone for 3 major media campaigns and today remains an internationally recognized brand icon.

    Brand Experience | Research

    While at Lycos, Mr. Berge created, staffed and managed the Lycos User Experience Group and usability lab where he and his team conducted extensive, competitive research focused on product functionality, user behavior and brand perception. Research experiments included field studies, eye-tracking and routine user testing to optimize user experience and product performance. Mr. Berge institutionalized usability research practices for all Lycos' product initiatives.

    Before joining Lycos Mr. Berge served as the Design Director of CMP Publishing's Interactive Media Group where he led the design development of TechWeb. Launched in the Fall of 1994, TechWeb was the first International, multi-brand network featuring searchable content from all 16 of CMP's consumer and trade publications.

    About Down to Ground

    Down to Ground is the Visual UX/UI Design Consultancy specializing in interactive strategies for product, content and communications. Since 2003, Down to Ground has been creating visual design solutions and interactive strategies for emerging businesses, E-commerce operations, high-traffic Internet sites, international clients, Venture funded start-ups and nonprofit organizations.