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Best practices, conventional wisdom, Agile and iterative design methods and usability testing combine to create superior User Experience Design. If "Contacts lead to Contracts" then a seamless experience will lead to increased sales and conversion. More than anticipating needs and desires, a successful "user experience" will communicate added value with every touch-point. Like a good conversation, "user centered design" will facilitate a meaningful exchange of information and value. The behavior of your web site, software or mobile interface is the personification of your brand. Trustworthy behavior will earn customers and their loyalty.

Designing User Experience

Serving as Creative Director for Lycos Inc. I created, staffed and managed the Lycos User Experience Group and Usability lab where I and my team conducted extensive, competitive research — focused on product functionality, user behavior and brand perception. Research experiments included field studies, Eye-Tracking and routine user testing to optimize user experience and product performance.

Over the course of 7 years the Lycos User Experience Group — staffed by a world class team of researchers, and designers — I observed and analyzed hundreds of hours of user behavior including; commerce transactions, information gathering and social networking. Having institutionalized User Centered Design within the Lycos Network, the Lycos User Experience Group grew into a "value-add" business unit providing research services and design recommendations to partners such as Web MD, Barnes & Nobel, CDnow and Fox Sports. This provided my team and I the opportunity to study on-line interactions with many of the worlds largest consumer brands.

It was a privilege to work with and learn from so many talented and passionate design specialists. Since those formative years I’ve been able to bring my vast experience and user centered approach to every design challenge and career opportunity.

About Down to Ground

I am Doren Berge – Digital Creative Director and Visual UX/UI Design Strategist specializing in interactive strategies for product, content and communications. I create visual design solutions and interactive strategies for emerging businesses, E-commerce operations, high-traffic Internet sites, international clients, venture funded start-ups and nonprofit organizations.